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Troubleshooting Desktop Computer

Upon Turn on Computer Always Beeping and No Display

Have you encounter upon turning on the computer unit, it only beeps and no display in your monitor screen. This kind of error is repairable at all time without cost. The beep codes depends what devices are connected inside your system unit ( some non techie person call it a CPU), is the computer has […]

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Windows 7 Hard disk backup and replace

Hard Disk Failure is Imminent Please Back up Your Hard Disk Error Message

The Error hard disk failure is imminent is worst that SMART error. If this problem appears backup your data immediately and replace the hard disk drive. The error indicates that your disk drive will fail sooner or later. With the “hard disk failure is imminent error. Please back up your hard disk drive and have […]

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Loose SATA Cable

Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media Error Message

This problem is applicable to all computer, it doesn’t matter if it is Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Computer. The error appears when Computer can’t detect hard disk drive. With this error you have to check the following: Possible Problem: SATA Cable  is not connected from disk drive to motherboard Power Supply Cable […]

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Four (4) pin ATX +12 volt Power Slot of Motherboard Burn Damaged Problem

The motherboard burning problem occurs when the power cable was pulled while the computer is alive. It also happened when the installation of 4 pin ATX +12 volt power loose contact  and the system unit is shaking while playing or browsing the web . It also happens when the connector of power supply is not […]

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Onboard or Video Card Problem

How to Repair Garbage Display or Garbled Text in Desktop Computer

This problem usually happens when your Video Display is damage. But before buying and changing the Graphics Card, just check and troubleshoot first the following item. 1. Clean the motherboard and take away dust 2. Clean the Desktop Computer  memory card (if there are two sticks or more in motherboard slot) 3. If the Video […]

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Download the Free All in Windows Drivers

Upon first installation and once we already install the right program into our computer system , maybe a desktop, a laptop, notebook, netbook including its peripheral. We were happy to that, but after a year of use and encounter a trouble, we need to re-install or reformat the drive, and this is the problem we […]

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Windows Blue screen of death

Windows 8 – Your PC need to be repaired and Boot BCD Error Repair

The problem of this computer is black screen at start-up.  Power on the  Windows 8 Computer initializes the devices  and the Windows 8 logo appears for a while,  then  it turns to  black. This time the only thing you can see is the mouse pointer. Waiting for a while, waiting too long doesn’t solve the […]

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Processor Overheat thermal compound

Repair Desktop Computer Processor Overheating Problem

Troubleshooting computer random shutdown; suspect processor overheating Touching the heat sink is my first step to check the problem. If the heat of processor Heat-sink is tolerable, the next step is checking the power supply. If both of them is okay, thats the time I’m going to check the other area of the computer. If […]

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Desktop Power Supply Overheat dust

Maintenance and Cleaning of Computer ATX Power Supply

Cleaning of Computer Power Supply or ATX power supply is very important. This component provide the life of your computer system, so proper care and maintenance is vital for this parts. Now take out your power supply in your system  case, pull out the cable and wire connector  connected into motherboard and peripherals. Then unscrew […]

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Motherboard and Power Supply

Graphics Card Problem GPU Overheating and Intermittent Hang up

Common problem of video card display is gpu overheating. So always check the GPU  fan  if it’s still working.  If you see your Graphics card full of dust,  clean it immediately before disaster takes that parts to garbage can. Remove the video card from your desktop computer and follow these steps:     brush the […]

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Cmos Battery

CMOS Settings Wrong and Time Press F12 to Continue Error

This problem usually happen when the computer or the motherboard is too old.  Every time you turn on the computer, the message appears like this: Time and Date Always Resetting CMOS Settings Wrong CMOS Date/Time not set Press F1 to Run Setup Press F2 to load defaults values and continue Even though you have already […]

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Disk to Disk Clone

How to Clone a Hard Disk Drive

If you have a multiple computer with the same specifications. Don’t waste time installing program one by one, it takes you so much time and energy to finish it. All you have to do is just complete the installation  in one computer and copy it to multiple drive. This is what we call Disk Cloning. […]

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Chipset Cooler

Computer Memory or PC Motherboard Problem

The problem of this computer is when you insert the 2 stick of computer memory, the screen turns blue. Both  of them is detected by computer. The trouble is which one of two is faulty, so the first thing I did to isolate the problem. Remove the one stick of memory and let it boot […]

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