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deep freeze

Should I Use Antivirus Program when Using Deep Freeze

If your computer doesn’t have any anti virus program installed during the unlocking of deepfreeze, the probability of your computer to be infected with virus or worm is high, especially when working in network environment. Deepfreeze is an application which allows users  to protect the core operating system and configuration files on a computer by […]

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damage executable files

Installer integrity check has failed during program Installation Error

The error “Installer check has failed. This problem  commonly appears when trying to install executable files of windows installer. The error message comes with: The installer has failed a self-check, , the installer file has been altered from its original form. When installing application, the software would not continue. Most of the time, the executable […]

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File Recovery

Recover Files and Folders in in Removable Drive Infected by Win32 Bundpil Virus

To fix the problem, update the  anti-virus  into  it’s latest  virus signature. Then run a full scan into  your computer including the infected external storage device. After the worm Win32/Bundpil.s has been remove, follow the steps below to completely fix and restore your external drive way back before the problem occurs. Before you proceed make sure you have […]

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Recover files or data in the USB

How to Recover Missing Files in USB Flash Drive

Confuse about the missing files and folders in your removable device such as thumb drive, microsd card, SD Card, phone memory or external storage drive. Or maybe when you open this device there is a shortcut icon or folder with an arrow. Your removable storage device might infected with Win32 bundpil virus,  Autorun inf virus […]

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Attrib Command to Show hidden files

Virus Infected – Access the Hidden Files in Any Removable Media

When the flash  drive or any external storage device  is infected with a virus. The common problem we  encounter is that the files and  folders are missing inside. We thought that the files and the folder in the removable drive is deleted by virus. The original copy is hidden inside the removable storage media ( […]

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damage executable files

Virus Code Name Which Hides Your Files Removable Storage Device

The list below are the name or code name of viruses and worm which hides your files and folders including music and video files. Antivirus Software Virus/ Worm Codename Agnitum Worm.Bundpil!OhF8MibBTrs AhnLab-V3 Worm/Win32.Gamarue AntiVir TR/ATRAPS.Gen, WORM/Gamarue.nouem Antiy-AVL Worm/Win32.Bundpil Avast Win32:Gamarue-BS [Wrm] AVG Worm/Generic3.FAI BitDefender Trojan.Generic.8971784 CAT-QuickHeal Trojan.Agent.WL ClamAV PUA.Win32.Packer.Upx-53 Commtouch W32/Csyr.A.gen!Eldorado Comodo Worm.Win32.BundPil.LAS DrWeb Trojan.MulDrop4.25343 […]

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Worm virus

Win32 Sality Worm Virus Complete Removal Instruction

When the Worm Win32 Sality strike into my computer, it causes me headache. All uncompressed  executable file I have save to my computer were all infected and can’t used anymore. But the real problem wasn’t stop there, all the computer connected in the network were also infected. At that time of infection, there are limited […]

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Virus Removal Worm

The Rootkit VBS Virus That Change Files and Folders Change to Shortcut Icon

Confuse why the files inside your removable device creates a shortcut icon folder, beware  maybe  your file and folders is infected with  a virus name ztorsftdgh.vbs. This kind of virus resides into your computer, some free anti-virus hardly detect this, confusing some users that they were not infected this. Such as one of my customer argued […]

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Fix usb from viruses

Fix and Recover the Files and Folder in Virus Infected Flash Drive

This virus infects your flash drive and hide some folders and files in it. Some people format their flash drive to drive away the virus. So here’s the easy steps to follow but before following the procedure Do these steps first:  update the antivirus  then run a full scan in your computer  insert your usb […]

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win32 worm

The Win32 Ramnit Virus Detection and Removal

Win32/Ramnit is a file infector  detected in July 2010. It is also a virus in the same family as Virut, Sality and virtob. It attacks Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 executable files, it infects those with the extensions .exe, .dll and .html and it can also be distributed via external removable drives such as […]

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The Win32 Flashbot and Win32 Malagent Virus Removal

The Win32/Flashbot.A  Worm, Trojan Win32/Malagent (Microsoft),  Variant.Strictor.2025 (Bitdefender)  is a kind of worm that spreads via removable media such as flash drive, external drive, memory card, etc. The worm searches for files and folders in the root folders of removable drives.  It copies itself into the root folders of removable drives using the same filename […]

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Updating Username and Pass

Update the Expired Eset Antivirus Keys Username and Password

If your Eset Products Username and Password expires, here’s the guide on how to change or enter the new username and password your bought. Follow this guide: Open Eset Antivirus The Eset Antivirus Interface Paste the Username and Password Click Update, then click Update Username and Password Done! This Antivirus is compatible to Windows 7, […]

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List of Virus Removal

Virus Trojan and Worm Removal as of 2014

This is a list of  Virus Removal Tool as of January  2014. Just select what type of removal you want. Depending the problem of virus infection you have to select the best antivirus brand of your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista Computer system. The removal procedure of infected system are different […]

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