Tag: Antivirus Removal

Reinstall Eset AV

Eset Antivirus Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely Error During Uninstallation

The cause of this problem happens when the antivirus program is already expired and can no longer access the username and password settings. It also happens when your system files (windows file) has infected by a virus or it was damaged.In this problem the Eset antivirus appears to be working but in reality you can’t […]

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Worm Removal

Win32/Bundpil Virus Removal Instruction

The worm Win32/Bundpil.s, Win32/Bundpil.a  or win32/ bundpil.xx or win32.agent bundpil  was added by eset on January 10, 2013. The indications that you are infected with this malicious worm is; when  opening the  flash drive, usb drive, external hard drive or any external storage device, you haven’t seen anything except the shortcut link file of the […]

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