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Fix damage usb

Files Appear Trash Inside the Flash Drive

The files inside the flash drive is a combination of documents, pictures, mp3 songs and movie files with mp4 format. But one time when the user insert it to the computer, all the data inside the computer become garbage. The filename were missing and replace with one strange character but there’s no indication what type of […]

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Hard disk error

Indication of Hard Disk Drive Failure that Needed to Replace Immediately

Upon turning on the computer  the message on the screen monitor display Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Capable and status bad The error indicate, the drive is dying. When this error appear in your computer, backup your data immediately before catastrophic happen. The  Hard Disk error: S.M.A.R.T. Capable and status bad doesn’t appear in the start-up, it […]

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damage executable files

Installer integrity check has failed during program Installation Error

The error “Installer check has failed. This problem  commonly appears when trying to install executable files of windows installer. The error message comes with: The installer has failed a self-check, , the installer file has been altered from its original form. When installing application, the software would not continue. Most of the time, the executable […]

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File Recovery

Recover Files and Folders in in Removable Drive Infected by Win32 Bundpil Virus

To fix the problem, update the  anti-virus  into  it’s latest  virus signature. Then run a full scan into  your computer including the infected external storage device. After the worm Win32/Bundpil.s has been remove, follow the steps below to completely fix and restore your external drive way back before the problem occurs. Before you proceed make sure you have […]

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Recover files or data in the USB

How to Recover Missing Files in USB Flash Drive

Confuse about the missing files and folders in your removable device such as thumb drive, microsd card, SD Card, phone memory or external storage drive. Or maybe when you open this device there is a shortcut icon or folder with an arrow. Your removable storage device might infected with Win32 bundpil virus,  Autorun inf virus […]

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Attrib Command to Show hidden files

Virus Infected – Access the Hidden Files in Any Removable Media

When the flash  drive or any external storage device  is infected with a virus. The common problem we  encounter is that the files and  folders are missing inside. We thought that the files and the folder in the removable drive is deleted by virus. The original copy is hidden inside the removable storage media ( […]

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