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Prolink h5400n configuration

Change Globe Prolink globe h5400n Configuration Settings

Configure and access your modem prolink modem router from globe. Then change the setting such as wireless network configuration including the Local Area Network Address to your own desired set-up.  Changing Wifi SSID and more. Globe Prolink  h5400n Modem Router Configuration Part 1 Globe Prolink  h5400n Modem Router Configuration Part 2

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Zyxel P61 series

Configure the Settings of Zyxel p-661h-1 PLDT Modem

The modem/router was from PLDT, some of its  default factory function is modified to  adapt the  Office Settings. Configure your computer LAN address manually: IP Address: 192.168.1.X, where X is any number from 2-254 Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: 2. On your web browser, type 3. Username: admin Password: 1234  or  user: adminpldt and […]

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