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ADSL Router

Do I used a Gigabit Router if I have a Gigabit Switch

The question do I have to used a gigabit speed router if I have a gigabit network switch. The answer is, it depends upon your need. The work of router is to provide an IP address to local computer when a DHCP Server setting is enabled. It also responsible to communicate between the computer in […]

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Dlink DAP 1360 Cloud Router

Dap-1360 Extend Wireless Internet Connectivity Through Repeater Setup

  Connect the Ethernet cable from computer to the router LAN port. To access the router type or type http://dlinkap to any web browser (Chrome, firefox or safari). The dlink browser interface login page will appear. The default username is “admin” password: “none” After entering the username,  click launch the wireless setup wizard. Click […]

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D-link dap 1360 Router Hard Reset

DAP 1360 Wifi Access Point Hard Reset

If you forgot the username or password of D-link DAP 1360 Wifi Access Points.  All you have to do is find a needle, push the button up to 10 seconds while the device is power on. During Hard Press of the Access Point device, the  lights such as: power, lan, wifi, internet indicator would turn […]

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Prolink h5400n configuration

Change Globe Prolink globe h5400n Configuration Settings

Configure and access your modem prolink modem router from globe. Then change the setting such as wireless network configuration including the Local Area Network Address to your own desired set-up.  Changing Wifi SSID and more. Globe Prolink  h5400n Modem Router Configuration Part 1 Globe Prolink  h5400n Modem Router Configuration Part 2

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Asus Router

Asus RT N150 Router Configuration and Wifi Installation

The Asus  RT-N10 is a 150 Mbps Wireless N Router with both wired and wireless network connections designed specifically for small business and home office networking use. It is able to create an extended wireless network coverage area. The Asus RT N150 Interface WAN Interface: The place where to Set-up your Internet connection. If you […]

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Router Configuration

Common D-link Router Wireless and LAN Network Configuration

Configure  new D-link Router to work into your existing network. Most D-link Router is almost identical to each other. To access the device, look at the back of the router and write down the default settings (that is default device I.P. Address,Username and Password) which you need to enter later. Then prepare your Internet Service Provider […]

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Dap 1360 Wireless Configuration

D-link DAP 1360 Wireless N Access Point Installation Configuration Guide

For non technical  users, this kind of device (Access Point, Bridge, Repeater) sounds strange. how the access point works? how to configure and connect the device? What configuration should be compatible to my home network? is it okay to use this settings? how to setup security settings, blocking and filtering access, etc? But actually lets […]

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D-link Wifi

How to Configure and Setup D-link DIR-600L Cloud Wireless N Router Device

After buying the Cloud Router D-link Dir-600L . The next thing you should do is unboxing, then start the setup. Plug the LAN cable on  your modem  and configure it  to your existing network so that you will be able to connect to the Web through Wifi or LAN. In this configuration I have Dynamic […]

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