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Your PC error Bootbcd of Windows 8

Windows 8 Black Screen or Boot bcd 0xc0000034 Error

To repair the boot bcd you need to have the Windows 8 Bootable DVD or Bootable USB Installer. First thing to do is change the boot sequence order from System Hard disk drive to either DVD/CDROM or USB Flash Drive. Follow the steps: Insert the USB thumb drive into USB Port or Insert the DVD […]

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Windows 8 We Couldn’t Create a New Partition Error 0xaab4a9f0

Upon boot up the laptop goes to disk checking. Disk checking; scan the entire disk drive for any possible data errors. It runs all night, but it  won’t finish. The only thing I can do is turn off the laptop by pressing the power button. When turning  again, same thing happen until the next  startup; […]

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Windows Blue screen of death

Windows 8 – Your PC need to be repaired and Boot BCD Error Repair

The problem of this computer is black screen at start-up.  Power on the  Windows 8 Computer initializes the devices  and the Windows 8 logo appears for a while,  then  it turns to  black. This time the only thing you can see is the mouse pointer. Waiting for a while, waiting too long doesn’t solve the […]

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Refresh PC windows 8

Windows 8 PC Black Screen at Startup and Boot BCD Error

The Following Windows 8 Error: This PC loads with black screen and it stay there your pc needs to be repaired – boot bcd and error code:0x0000034 The problem of the computer hangs during  loading process of Windows 8  and its just stay there. The thing you can see is the mouse pointer.  The only […]

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restore windows 8 start menu

Restore Start Menu in Windows 8 Computer

Download this Windows 8 program to restore the  start menu and follow the guide.Then Follow the instructions below Download and install the program Click Continue Click the Start Button to pin the program Scroll Down and click the arrow to browse the hidden program, and click the Start button This is the Final Start Menu Item Done! […]

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Installing Windows 8

Windows 8 Operating System Complete Full Installation Guide

Windows 8 minimum  system requirements You need a 1 GHz or faster Processor (it also needs to support PAE or PAE-NX Physical Address Extension for new security features in the Windows 8 kernel), 1GB of RAM (or 2GB for 64-bit systems), 20GB of hard drive space and a DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver. […]

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