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Four (4) pin ATX +12 volt Power Slot of Motherboard Burn Damaged Problem

The motherboard burning problem occurs when the power cable was pulled while the computer is alive. It also happened when the installation of 4 pin ATX +12 volt power loose contact  and the system unit is shaking while playing or browsing the web . It also happens when the connector of power supply is not […]

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Processor Overheat thermal compound

Repair Desktop Computer Processor Overheating Problem

Troubleshooting computer random shutdown; suspect processor overheating Touching the heat sink is my first step to check the problem. If the heat of processor Heat-sink is tolerable, the next step is checking the power supply. If both of them is okay, thats the time I’m going to check the other area of the computer. If […]

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Cmos Battery

CMOS Settings Wrong and Time Press F12 to Continue Error

This problem usually happen when the computer or the motherboard is too old.  Every time you turn on the computer, the message appears like this: Time and Date Always Resetting CMOS Settings Wrong CMOS Date/Time not set Press F1 to Run Setup Press F2 to load defaults values and continue Even though you have already […]

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Chipset Cooler

Computer Memory or PC Motherboard Problem

The problem of this computer is when you insert the 2 stick of computer memory, the screen turns blue. Both  of them is detected by computer. The trouble is which one of two is faulty, so the first thing I did to isolate the problem. Remove the one stick of memory and let it boot […]

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